Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm Expecting . . .

Don't worry, Mom, I'm not pregnant. But I feel like I have been. I just spent the last 9 months preparing for my first marathon . . . and I'm due Saturday. I'm running the Top of Utah marathon in Logan. I'm so excited. But like having a baby, I know it will be hard before the great reward at the end. I have no idea how big this baby is (4 hrs? 6 hrs?) and I haven't decided whether to go for the epidural (ipod). Which ever way, I will do this, or die trying.

When I tell people what I've been working on, I get one of two reactions: a) Good for you! or b) Why would you do that? So for those of you who are in the latter group, here are my reasons why. (Others have excuses, I have my reasons why. . . )

My Top 10 reasons for running a marathon

in no particular order

1) It's fun. I get to talk to people and see beautiful scenery all the while being left quietly to my own thoughts. (Quiet is something I don't get a lot of.) It makes me happy to run. I feel ready to tackle the stresses of the day.

2) I want to be healthy. I lost 48 lbs, and I want to keep it off. Heart disease runs in my family (I was in 1st grade when my grandmother died) and I want to live long enough to earn gray hair. I run for life.

3) I love my children. I read an article that said children who had active parents were more likely to be active. In particular MOTHERS who were active taught their children to move more. (Oh the pressure. It's always the mother's. . . ) I want my kids to be happy and healthy.

4) I want pretty legs. That's going to take a little more work and prehaps a vascular surgeon. I'm so vain.

5) Pain management. The first month I started running, I hurt. After that, I've hurt when I don't run. I have arthritis, and this has worked better and more consistantly than any pain medicine I've taken, though I still have my days.

6) Because I can.

7) Last year I took a personality test. It said that I am great at starting but not finishing. (You should see my collection of unfinished enrichment night crafts.) I have to prove to myself that I am a finisher.

8) I want a medal. Yep, that dream of mine from 6th grade where I win the gold, I'm still hung up on it. I want someone to put a medal on my neck. And a t-shirt would be nice too.

9) Every day I do ordinary things. I clean the dishes and toilets and do the laundry. For once in my life, I want to do something extraordinary. I want to do something that not everyone else can do - though I really believe anyone could do it.

10) There's something about being in a large group of people all moving in the same direction. I suppose this is the same reason I joined the community choir this year. My Communication Phd brother, Spencer, calls it consonance. I believe it is a physical need that we all have to harmonize - whether it be through music, running, art, community service, cooking delicious food - it's different for everyone.

So, if you wouldn't mind praying for me at about 10:00 am Saturday. I should just be reaching mile 20 - the wall.

I can do it? I can do it.


Emily said...

Yeay Juli! You totally can do it! Good luck!

rebecca said...

No doubt you can do it. And I'll be there to cheer (and hopefully hold a sign up the correct way this time).

Kimberly said...

Juli you really are my own little personal hero today. I am so proud of you! I'm sad I'm missing your really great accomplishment. I'll be looking for all the details!

The White Wash said...

I can't wait to hear the details. You are awesome!!

Anthony and Kristie said...

You can do it, no?

Kendra said...

Juli, you are my inspiration!

Cassie said...

Ok, so I guess you've run your race, and I'm dying to find out how it went. And I must say...I really could have done without your reasons "why". Now I'm feeling guilty for being a lazy children are going to be obese! Oh, wait, I have Addison. No, I'm good. I'll die young and happy.
No, but really I am very happy for you. That takes so much work and dedication. Good job!