Friday, February 19, 2010

Cricket anyone?

Churchie sports newsletter:

"Churchie sent Villanova into bat and while Villanova set about scoring runs at a steady rate, Churchie countered with excellent fielding. We worked on fielding during the week and the improvement was visible. Bryce Robinson held every ball that came his way and ended the day with 4 catches. Lachlan Hill took 2 difficult catches, one of them at ground level in front of him. The net result was that Churchie was able to contain Villanova to 115 and get them all out in the 22nd over. One area for future improvement is to cut down on the number of wides and byes.

"Churchie struggled to score runs off Villanova’s excellent bowling. With most of our batsmen dismissed, it was left to Chris Binks, Bryce Robinson and last man in, James Picken to score the necessary runs. Once again, as with last week, the end of the match a ‘nail-biter’. What was almost certainly the last over of the day commenced c.11.25 AM with Churchie needing 5 runs. Churchie achieved the target on the second last ball of the day. We played out the rest of the over to ensure the result and our last batsman was out on the very next ball. The scorers checked back over the score card and Churchie was confirmed as the winners. Great atmosphere. Both sides demonstrated excellent sportsmanship. Once again our team experienced how exciting cricket can be."

Now I realize that not everyone is a cricket expert that reads this blog so I'll interpret. Each team gets 11 batters. Unlike baseball where the teams trade after 3 outs, in cricket each team gets one fielding chance and one batting chance. In cricket you can end the batters turn by either bowling the agreed amount of overs (overs are 6 throws) or by getting 10 outs (wickets, catches, or run outs). So Bryce had 4 catches of the 10 the team got. That is almost unheard of.

Then when batting a ball that rolls over the "outfield" line is called a 4, a ball that flies over the boundry is a 6. Bryce hit 3 or 4 4's and he and the other batsman Chris Binks racked up the points. Bryce made the winning point, and then the next bat he hit a good one but it was caught ending the game!

I was very proud of our budding cricketer.




Joella said...

thought of you guys last night when we watched the Australian win the Super G/Combined downhill at the Olympics. I wondered who I would have been cheering for if I was you--the Australian or the American?

Ash said...

i still have no idea what your talking about, even with your explanation. But I do understand, Bryce is good a Cricket, that is exciting. Congratulations Bryce, I wish I could see it!

beck said...

Good job, Bryce. Although cricket is completely foreign to me, it sounds like you are awesome at it. And that, right there, is awesome.

Kimberly said...

Okay you lost me somewhere in all that but I can almost hear the accent...! Good job Bryce!

Kendra said...

You're awesome Bryce! We'll have to organize a family cricket match. You can re-interpret what your dad just said. (??)