Saturday, July 10, 2010

Winter Break

Yep our winter break was awesome. We escaped the horrible cold of Brisbane (50 degree lows and 70 degree highs) to visit the Western US. We had a great time visiting relatives in Idaho and Utah. It was one of the more productive vacations I think I have ever had. We got lots of dental work done (thanks Ken). Sarah was baptized and confirmed (definitely a highlight). We moved my parents into their new home and built the majority of a wooden fence around their property.

We got to meet three new family members on Juli's side of the family (Collin, Mia, and Lindsay). We camped which was really fun. I think all the cousins loved steal the flag and four wheeling. We went to the lake, hiked, and had a wonderful time. I think all the kids loved the time with cousins. They slept over nearly every night somewhere together (thanks Kim and Gaye). We saw everyone from both sides of the family except Spencer's family. We missed you guys (still do).
Top 10 from Winter 2010 in no particular order except #1 (Shon's perspective)
10. Meeting 3 new family members
9. Camping and playing steal the flag
8. Going to a movie and on a date with Juli and Kim and Rustin
7. Getting to go to business class on the way home after 6-8 hours trying to sleep sitting up (thanks Juli for swapping half way)
6. Seeing Collin blessed
5. Manning and Robinson cousin reunions!! Thanks Jenny and Judy and Grandmother Ellen Mae!!
4. 4th of July in the USA!!!
3. Time with my sisters and brother working and playing
2. Getting my mom and dad moved and with most of a fence up
1. Sarah's baptism and confirmation


Kendra said...

It was great to see you guys! I love you all, and I'll miss you. And Happy Birthday Juli!! You're a great mom! Shon, you're awesome. Really. I love the Robinsons.

Ash said...

That is a good top ten list. I'm sad your visit went so quickly, I wish I could have spent more time with you,but I'm glad I got to see you at all! Yes, Happy Birthday Juli!

Kimberly said...

We miss you. You guys were fun. Can't wait until the next time!