Saturday, March 19, 2011


Shon here:

Bryce just finished the volleyball season.  His team was undefeated and they didn't lose a set the entire season.  Okay they did lose two third sets after they had won the game in two and had extra time so they decided just to play.  Today was one of those days.  In the third set it was hilarious.  There were these HUGE fans in the gym ceiling (probably 10' fan blades) to keep the place cool.  They were hitting the ball up as high as they could (during the third set) trying to hit the fans.

Bryce really loves volleyball.  I asked him why he liked it the other day and he said because I am good at it.  He is too.  He was selected as one of the best two kids in his grade to play on a combined team against the teachers and he has been invited to play on a select team later this year.

It will be nice to have a Saturday break from sports for a while until soccer games start.  Here is a picture of three weeks ago before he started jump serving.  Bryce is the only kid on his team that does jump serves.  He got all his serves in today too.  Last week he got them all in but foot faulted twice.


Anthony and Kristie said...

Go Bryce.

Kimberly said...

He could play for college. That would be fun! I wonder if they would let a boy play on the girl's team around here since there aren't any boys teams until the adult leagues.

Kendra said...

Way to go, Bryce! You're awesome!