Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nanner and Popsy

Translation:  Grandma and Grandpa.  

I have just returned from taking my parents to the airport to return to their home in Idaho.   Sniff, sniff.   That's right, we have had visitors.  We haven't seen my parents in almost a year, and for 12 glorious days, my parents stayed and played with us.  The house feels very empty now that they're gone.   I seriously contemplated faking a flat tire, so they would have to miss their flight, though I don't suppose that would be fair to my sister-in-law, Emily, who is 9 months pregnant.  My mother is flying to Ohio to help her as soon as she gets home.  (Busy woman!) 

In the Tambourine mountain rainforest skywalk.  

We had so much fun while they were here.  I have forgotten how nice it is to do the dishes with my mom, or have a profound conversation over dinner with my Dad.  

We played tourist for a few days, and even pulled the kids out of school so we could run up to the Sunshine coast (Coolum).  (Hey!  It was educational. . . ) 

Exploring the tidal pools in Coolum.

While we stopped at the Glasshouse mountains, the rain rolled in.  
Riding the City Cat on the river.  
Even the bugs in Australia are pretty!
We love the ocean.

Playing around at Underwater World.
We miss them.  


Spencer P. said...

Of all those pics, the bug is the best!

Julie said...

Oh how fun!! Your parents look like they do not age!