Sunday, June 26, 2011

Slow Down

The last few weeks have been very busy.  The end of the school term always is.   Several days I had to be in two places at once - Emily was in the City District athletics (track and field) meet, and Sarah had a jump roping competition (it is a girl's school after all.)  Thank goodness for two parents!  (Congrats to Emily for making City District, and congrats to Sarah for winning her jump rope presentation.)  Shon has been working a lot, and we have all been generally stressed out.  Perfect time to get away from it all. . .

We went camping.  Yep, slept in a tent.  Bribie Island is so close - just an hour down the road, and we didn't even have to take a ferry - and the camp sites are so economical (Robinson = thrifty.)  We stayed on the beach, just behind the dunes.  Our tent (aka, our summer home) is old - we bought it just after Bryce was born.  It is huge, with three rooms.  We were definitely thinking ahead when we bought it, and now it fits our family perfectly.  It's had a lot of wear and tear.  The poles even broke one night during a big storm in Corpus Christi (but that's another story).  This is the first time we put out the big tent in Australia.  (Apparently our little 2 man tent really fits one man, one teenager, and one little tyke; good enough for the father/son camp outs every year.)

We slowed down.

The weather was perfect.

The ocean was beautiful.

The wildlife.   Kangaroos grazed just meters from our tent.  It was actually a little creepy at night, hearing them hop around so close by, but not being able to see them.  We watched for dingos but never saw any.  (That's good.)  Sea birds dove for fish and dolphins joined in the fun.  My favorite part of the trip was when we had to stop to help "bogged" campers get their vehicles un-stuck.  The kids and I lounged on the beach, collected shells, and watched the dolphins feed.

We took a little hike through the bush to see the WWII bunkers and mine stations.  It was fun to explore.

No one got hurt, sick, or even hungry.  Perfect trip.

I thought of it as I watched this mormon message.

It's good to slow down. . .


Kimberly said...

That looks perfect--until you get home and have to wash all the sand out of everything!

Juli said...

Ha ha! So true, Kim. I spent the entire day sweeping sand. The garage still has a dune accumulating. There are also literally "heaps" of laundry. 5 loads down, 3 to go. Still worth it.