Sunday, November 27, 2011


I love having visitors!  Shon's sister Angie, her husband Brian, and their 3 children (plus one on the way) came to visit.  We took a few days and made another trip to the Whitsundays.  (I told you I couldn't wait to go back with my family!  I was serious!)

This time we had the boat to ourselves.  We had a ball.  The skipper, Steve, was awesome, and the decky, Emma was "brilliant!"  She was also Irish and a former pre-school teacher.  It definitely came in handy on a boat with 8 children!

The weather was a bit stormy.  We expected rain, but it only sprinkled.  It was much warmer this time around.  One wet suit was enough!  (Shon and I wore 3 last time.)


beck said...

That water is gorgeous!

Juli said...

Yep. They dyed the whole ocean turquoise, just for our trip.