Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Um, did I mention that this blog is EXTRA CREDIT. Yep, it's reserved only for spare time - time that I don't have a lot of lately. I've been working on the core curriculum - that would be laundry, toilets, floors, more laundry - you know, the dirty work. This being Mother's Day, the men of the family are doing the dirty work. Thanks hon.

Which leads me to my mother. There are 7 children in my family. I have the greatest family. Everyone is so talented and beautiful, and busy. I don't know how she did so much - "to do" being the verb here. She gets so much done. She sewed prom dresses, and chauffered us around to practices, and cooked healthy meals, and read books, and somehow kept the kitchen clean, most of the time. Some how I feel like I'm on a tread mill (my ultimate form of punishment) running and running and getting no where. So Mom, how do you do it?

And speaking of running, I just learned I did not get into the St. George marathon. Bummer. I'm going to have to find another.

During one of our busy soccer practices, Caleb did this to his nose. Yikes.

And Sarah is 6! She is such a happy, creative, graceful kindergartener, who loves dressing up and American Girls, and has been trying to put on make-up since she was 2 and "didn't stay in the lines" with my best lip stick. Bringing her home from the hospital was my greatest mother's day present.


Kimberly said...

Hey Good Job! You should put a picture of your piano on--I want to see it! I'm sure you'll find a marathon somewhere! Love ya!

Anthony & Kristie said...

Happy Birthday Sarah. You can rip another chain off your count-down chain, because I am coming soon. I can't wait to see you guys and your cute house.

Emily said...

Juli, you are such a wonderful mommy... thanks for your patient example and your priceless advice!

Cassie said...

Good job getting to the extra credit. It makes it fun for the rest of us! You do have an awesome mother. I look up to her so much. You are also a great mommy. Keep up the good work!