Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas

The Robinsons are doing great this year. Here's the wrap:
Bryce is 11. We can't believe he is that old. he excels at soccer and plays goalie. He also played basketball for the first time this year and did well on defense. He started 11 year old Scouts and is excited for the Klondike campout in January. He continues to do well playing the piano and seems to have it come to him naturally. Bryce also won the inagural Robinson Family March Madness Tournament. We'll see if he can repeat this year.

Emily (9) enjoys piano and will play basketball for the first time next year. She enjoys crafts and Activity Days. She is also a great gymnast. I'll just say I can't do a back walkover can you? Emily has loved reading this year and recently moved to share a room with Sarah. She is tender hearted and loves to do secret things for people She is excited to ski this winter. She totally bombs the runs and just goes straight down. What a speed demon.

Sarah (6) is in first grade and turning into a great reader. She is awesome at soccer and scored from the goalie position with an awesome kick. She kicks HARD!!! She also loves crafts and is always coloring and using her imagination. She did gymnastics this year and was quite good. She lost 50 teeth this year and hopes to repeat next year for the extra income. She went skiing for the first time last year and loved it. She is excited to go again this year.

Abby (4) is so entertaining. She sings all day long and seems to prefer "opera style". She can do everything herself and loves to be magic. She can appear dressed or finish a chore quickly if you ask her to do ti magically. She loves preschool this year where she is learning tons. She has her favorite books memorized so if you read it wrong you get corrected. There is a Monster at the End of This Book is her favorite right now.

Caleb (2) is a busy little guy. He started preschool this year and for the first time in 11 years we are celebrating no diapers in the house. He moved to a big bed and lovces to be a "helper" around the house. His favorite pass time is being quiet and making big messes. This year's signature messes were the mural he made on the living room wall with permanent marker and pouring all the water out of the bathtub (don't worry it drained out the light downstairs).

Shon coached Bryce's soccer team again and served on the soccer board. He still loves his short commute to work and living in Farmington. He did the bike part of a quad-rathlon and his team medaled! He trained to do the Ironhorse but it was canceled this year because of snow. He is training again for the "quad" so wish him luck.

Juli started the year by having her tonsils out. Ouch. In her "spare time" she enjoys running and reading. She completed both a 1/2 marathon (13 miles) and a full marathon (26.2 miles) for the first time in her life this year. She read 265l4.4 books and another highlight was going to the Twighlight Premier. She is serving in the Young Womens at church and loves her calling. She is excited to ski this winter.

Our family made 5 trips North this year to visit family. The kids are pro travelers. We visited Sand Dunes National Park and went on the Polar Express this year. Both were great family trips. Shon and Juli spent their anniversary in Loagn, Utah where Juli ran a marathon (Shon ran with her from mile 20-25.5 where he died, I mean went to watch her cross the finish line). They also got to go on an overnight trip to Santa Fe, NM. Thanks to those that helped make those possible. Both trips included a temple visit which was great. On a sad note we lost both a guinea pig and a gecko this past year. If anyone wants a gecko or a guinea pig you know where to come. Merry Christmas,

The Robinson Family Shon, Juli, Bryce, Emily, Sarah, Abby, Caleb, a gecko and guinea pig


Emily said...

11 years of diapers! I'm doomed. Merry Christmas Robinsons! It is fun spending time with you guys at the Pattersons. Grant, Caleb, and Josh play great together!

beck said...

I love you guys and miss you already.

Tami said...

Looks like your family is doing well. I can't believe how big your kids are! I would never have recognized them.

Julie said...

I am finally catching up on blog reading-- so thanks for not writing for January yet!!! Your family is so adorable. I am finding out about the creative messes that boys make-- like Caleb's!! That is so painfully funny! Next time you come up, I will try and get to see you? Any more marathons in the future??