Friday, February 27, 2009

Hello, my name is Juli. (Hello, Juli) and I'm a blog neglector.

Yes, it's true. I frequently ignore my blog in favor of other more "exciting" pursuits: laundry, cleaning up after Caleb (who is obsessed with water - not a good thing), nursing sick children, a Love and Logic parenting class, soccer practice, recycling (trying to make myself sound respectable now), running (and taking a nap later), reading, and (under my breath) watching TV.

Yes, I admit it, I watch television. This is kind of a new thing for us. After 12 plus years of marriage, we finally got cable last year. It has been very entertaining and very distracting. I have to say that in general, my children seem less creative than they were in our public television years. There were a couple of things we just couldn't get on the two stations that came in. The first is Biggest Loser. I love Biggest Loser. As someone who struggles to maintain my weight (lost 50 lbs, still checking in to WW once a month), I love the inspiration it gives me to see other people succeed in their efforts. This season is awesome. There are a couple of teams that Shon and I just LOVE. Dane and Blaine, and Sione and Filipe. They were such hard workers and just nice guys who were family oriented. I was not surprised to see Filipe's wedding picture in front of the Salt Lake Temple, and after Blaine went home to AZ for the birth of his fourth child I was not at all surprised to learn that both teams are LDS. Read here about it. I think many of the teams this season have shown moral character.

Alright, I admit that I've been in the middle of a Jane Austen book binge. Pride and Prejudice rocks, but Persuasion is my favorite. I even read a couple of sequels. Mr. Darcy's Diary was interesting, as was Mr. Knightly's Diary. I also read The Independance of Mary Bennet. Don't bother! That was poorly written and junk. I confess I stopped reading and skimmed the last three quarters of the book. The new BBC films of all 6 books have been very good. I even liked Northanger Abbey (shock)!

Typing with child on lap. Here he is on my lap again.

I am taking a Love and Logic parenting class. I love it. I read the book "Parenting with Love and Logic" after my first two children were born. It was so helpful. I absolutely recommend it to anyone with children, but especially young, strong-willed children. The biggest thing I have learned is to stop giving warnings, be firm, be loving, be consistent, and be sincere. The website has been very helpful. Seriously.

I'm still running. I have a couple of marathons planned for the future. The City of Los Angeles is on Memorial Day weekend. We'll be in LA that week. I wasn't planning on doing it, but I heard that people were skipping it because they changed it from Sunday to Monday this year. Thank you. Do you know how hard it is to find a marathon that's not on Sunday? They have my support. Unfortunately, I have to train for this one by myself. I am really excited though. It's a big marathon (20,000 people!) with pace groups and entertainment and the whole shebang.

Shon and I celebrated Valentines Day this year by participating in the Mount Taylor winter quadrathlon (cycle, run, ski, snow shoe up a mountain and then back down again). It was awesome. It was hard. I love my husband. He rocks. When our cross-country skier couldn't make it, he volunteered to change from cyclist to skier. Cycling is his speciality. He had never cross-country skied before. A couple of Saturdays in Colorado and he was set. He can do anything. I did the run. That was the longest 10 miles of my life, but I was so glad I did it. It was hard (I already said that). We had fun and came back with an awesome T-shirt (very important).

And it's Friday Night, which is Family game night at our house. Cranium Family Edition and Moose in the House are favorites. Gotta go.


Angie said...

Ahhh...we've missed you. You are so amazing.

Spencer P. said...

Well, I tried to cancel my tv, but they wouldn't let me. Instead, I get free tv for a few months. I really need it to go away. I quit Tuesday night basketball so I could sit on the couch with Emily and watch the Biggest Loser.

beck said...

Jules, I love you. You're great. And your forgiving (I'm assuming) when I don't call you back right away (or for a week). Seriously though, anyone who likes running is seriously awesome. And anyone who is married to a dude that cross-country skis (hardest cardiovascular activity ever) at the drop of a hat is awesome.

So, I love you. (Even if you didn't have the above items on your list of awesome things.)


Liz said...

Juli! I did not know you had a blog! I just found you via Joella's blog. So fun. Your family is so cute! I've got a blog too, it is private though, so I will send you an invite.

Kimberly said...

But a new computer. Come on you can do it. You will be happy and then you can update us all the time! Love you!

Julie said...

Hey your back! Great update-- I am impressed at your running, I am struggling on my treadmill-- I hate running inside and its way too cold for me outside:( I am a whimp. Way to go on the quadralthaon (sp?) Wow!

Joella said...

Oh how I love biggest loser. I DVR it and watch it in the morning while I am working out. It gives me great motivation. I love seeing people-like you reach their goals.