Saturday, October 3, 2009

We're Here!

This is Shon. Juli and the kids made it safely to Australia.

We are having a great time! We went to the beach for the first 5 days in Australia. Then Saturday we went to a Koala preserve in Brisbane. We had no idea what would be there but the kids got to pet kangaroos, hold a koala, hold baby chicks, pet sheep and the sheep dog (that was a cool show). Emily even got to catch, feed, and hold an owl. She did a great job. In that picture with the family Emily really is holding a live Koala bear. Everyone got to hold it even Caleb.
Caleb was a little nervous to pet the kangaroo but once he was in he loved it. He fed it, petted it etc. They were everywhere.
Aren't Bryce and I cute! We chose the same shirt from Jason's mission. Funny.
Abby loves to pose at the beach. The kids loved the 5 days we spent there.


Angie said...

Welcome back to blogging! You guys are amazing to have done so much in two months! House hunting, losing it, choir trip, marathon, moving without Shon, Shon buying cars and getting a house, settling real estate in NM, selling all your stuff, packing and storing the rest, etc, etc, etc. I hope we can be as cool as you guys someday. Your family is amazing.

Joella said...

I am so excited for you guys. I wish we could come and visit you while you are there. Keep us posted on all the cool things you are doing.

Juli said...

Angie, thank you for fully appreciating the enormity of the past two months. We have seriously never been so busy. You definitely know how much goes into moving. Come visit us! You too Joella!

Becky said...

Sounds like you're having a great time and quickly adjusting to life Down Under! I loved seeing your pictures and being able to read a post so quickly. Looking forward to many more!!

Kimberly said...

Thanks for writing Shon! I am curious about what you will do for conference since your kids are probably starting school today as we watch conference. Do you watch it next week? Please, Please keep us updated!

Anthony and Kristie said...

I can't believe you live in Australia. You guys amaze me at all you do. When I come visit can I hold a Koala? Can't wait to see how everyone adjusts.