Monday, September 27, 2010

Fraser Island

Shon here.

I know this sounds really rough but after the 5 days on Moreton Bryce and I and Robert and Ethan went to Fraser Island (North of Moreton about 4 hours) with the young men from church. This wasn't as cush as the resort because we camped but it was still incredible. We drove up Thursday morning. We drove in total almost 250k on sand!! The beach they call 75 mile beach really is 75 miles long. We were able to play beach cricket, gridiron (American Football), baseball, swim in 3 different fresh water lakes, the ocean, and tide pools. We also saw a ship wreck, a light house, whales, a (huge) dead ray, dingos, caught pipis for bait to fish in the surf. One of my favorite days was spent driving. We really put the 4WD through a workout. All I can say is that PJ is the bomb. We had 4 vehicles and 17 people. The only one that never got bogged (stuck) was PJ. In fact PJ snatched 3 vehicles with the snatch strap. I learned tons about sand driving and 4WD. I think it would be tough to find somehow that I could have been more in heaven.

Top 10:
10. Seeing dingos running around the island (they will attack small children so you have to be careful)
9. Driving on sand for 8 days straight!! (that includes Moreton)
8. Learning to snatch cars. You hook up the snatch strap and then just start driving with the snatch strap half extended at 20km/hr and you pull them out. We spent almost an hour pulling cars out with PJ.
7. Swimming in the tide pools and ocean at Champagne Pools. The Aboriginals would catch fish stuck there by the low tide.
6. Doing a flip off a tree into Ocean Lake (the second time). The first one kind of was not a great memory thought it was funny. (See above photo of my leg.)
5. Swimming in Wobby lake. There were kids going down the sand dune on boogie boards that would go half way across the lake.
4. Playing grid iron. I love beach football and lake football.
3. Swimming in Lake McKenzie with it's pure white sand and crystal clear water.
2. Seeing what happens to a RAV 4 at Fraser. Paul your car rocks. Bryce said one of the highlights of his trip was that big jump you did.
1. Hearing the testimonies of the boys at the fireside. Such great young men.

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beck said...

Looks awesome. Somehow though, you not only hurt your leg, but the tops of you and Bryce's heads got knocked off a little. (Ship picture....)