Thursday, September 2, 2010


It is officially spring in Australia. The weather was unseasonably warm today - high of 76 F. It hasn't been quite that warm lately though. It's been down right chilly. That didn't stop my family from swimming in our unheated pool. Shon decided it was time for us to have a little polar bear swim. As the photographer, I managed to evade getting wet. :-) They didn't last long in the water. I took two photos, back to back. By the time the second one took, everyone was almost out!

Bryce had an assignment at his school to have a picture taken reading with a parent in an unusual place. This is what we came up with. You can't see, but the book says "How to Swim."


Juli said...

Just for the record, I did get wet taking the under water picture. It was cold.

Anthony and Kristie said...

Sounds cold, but fun:)

beck said...

I'm sorry, but 76 degrees isn't cold.
It's pleasant.

Juli said...

By the way, Bryce won the photo contest.