Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Congrats Beck and Jer!

I just have to shout out a big Congratulations to my sister Becki and her husband Jeremy, and their son Ethan. They have a new baby. Tiny Amelia was born early, so she's only 4 pounds, but she's making up for lost time.

I'm so happy.

You've probably noticed their button "Beck and Jer: Finding our baby" on my blog. Becki had cancer (she's doing great now - thanks for asking) 7ish years ago and they have been trying to adopt since. It has been a roller coaster. Just when we had all given up hope, here she is. I'd never pray for anyone to have an unwanted pregnancy, but we're so blessed to have someone selfless make the best of a bad situation.

What a beautiful, tiny, baby. Welcome to our family. You have cousins who eagerly await meeting you in June when we take a vacation to another hemisphere.



Julie said...

That is wonderful!! What great news! Welcome to the world:)

beck said...

Thanks, Juli. We are pretty happy over here too. Very excited to see you in June. Ethan's counting down the days as well.

I miss you around here.

Kirby said...

I miss you too.