Sunday, March 21, 2010


Fetch was the magic word the last week.

We have friends from New Mexico that moved to Brisbane ahead of us and just had their first child. We watched their dog, Smudge, for several days while they were in the hospital recuperating.

I need to give a little explanation about Smudge. She is the most athletic, can't sit still, want to play, 6 year old dog I have ever been around. She will bring you the ball and set it in your lap, at your feet, next to you, time and time again wanting to play fetch. We had Smudge over a couple times over the last couple of months to swim. She played fetch in the pool for at least 2 hours straight each time.

Now when you take Smudge, mix her with a 3 year old boy that loves to be outside in the dirt, you have two of Heavenly Fathers creations in Heaven. Caleb could care less about how slimy the ball was that Smudge brought back, how dirty it was, how long she wanted to play or how long it took her to find it and bring it back. He just wanted to play. They were perfectly matched. After playing together for 3 days Caleb slept in a couple of extra hours and went to bed early too. Smudge, who normally wants to play fetch in the morning, actually didn't bug Mike (her owner) to play, the morning after she left our house. She even slept in.


Anthony and Kristie said...

Does that mean it is time for a dog? :)

Juli said...

I wish we could have a dog. It would take $5000 and 6 months in quarantine to bring it back with us. I'm not going to get a dog and then leave it here - that would be cruel. So, we are the designated dog sitters until we return to the US, at which time we will be looking for a medium sized, non-barking, non-shedding, likes to play fetch, non-biting, already potty trained (I know, I ask too much) and cute dog.

Kendra said...

tell me where to find one of those, and I'll get one, too.